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Well after years of use my Lymen DPS 2 finally died on me last week. Talk about a disappointment going out to load up some ammo and your trusty scale won’t turn on. So I did the only thing that I could and ordered the DPS 5. I did consider the DPS 6 but it was lacking a few features and the only advantage it had over the DPS 5 was size. Since I was replacing a DPS 2 on my bench size wasn’t an issue and I would rather have more memory to store different loads.


Lymen Digtial Powder Scale 5


Lymen DPS 5 First Impressions

My first impression when it arrived was the new touchscreen display looks good and will be easier to keep clean. The button layout is almost identical to the DPS 2 but on an LCD display instead of actual buttons.


Lymen DPS 5 Set Up

Setup was very simple! Just plug it in and put the powder hopper on then wait for it to warm up. This is one of my favorite improvements over the DPS 2`s 30 minute warm up time. The DPS 5 only takes 3 minutes to warm up. That’s 27 mintutes of time savings everytime you go to reload!


Lymen dps 5: speed

The speed that the powder drops also seems to be somewhat faster as well. However what really sets DPS 5 is the auto repeat function. While the DPS 2 would save your charge data you would have to manually start the process. With the DPS 5 auto repeat all you have to do is set the powder pan back on the scale and it will throw your next charge for you.

Lymen DPS 5: Accuracy

The scale is accurate to 1/10th of grain or 1/70,000th of a pound just like the DPS 2. I have noticed that the DPS 5 throws a lot more charges that are 1/10th of a grain off then the DPS 2 did. I am very disappointed about that but I suppose it comes with the faster powder throws. What I don’t understand is that the charges that are off are always 1/10th of a grain light so you would think it could add the extra 1/10th of a grain to give the correct charge.

Lymen dps 5: final thoughts

Overall I am very happy with the DPS 5 and think it is an improvement over the DPS 2. I would definitely recommend the DPS 5 to anyone looking for an automatic powder dispenser. However I would like to see them improve the accuracy of the powder throw.


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