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Review: Randys EDC

Randy Galvan/ May 29, 2017/ Reviews

Alright this is a little bit different then what we normally do but it’s a good topic and I can do a few mini reviews at the same time. So what is EDC? Well if you haven’t seen it referred to as EDC before it stands for Every Day Carry or what you always have on you.     As

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Review: CMC Triggers

Randy Galvan/ May 16, 2017/ Reviews

Cmc drop in triggers I spoke with Jack Biegel the president of CMC triggers last week via email and he was kind enough to send me their two most popular triggers, a 91503(1-Stage Flat 3-1/2) & a 92504(2-Stage Flat 2-2) to test and evaluate. Shipping was very fast, I was given a tracking number and I had the triggers three

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Review: Ghost Inc Trigger

Randy Galvan/ May 10, 2017/ Reviews

  I have never been a fan of Glocks. For years I have shot friends Gen 2 and Gen 3 Glocks. I owned a Gen 2 Glock 17 some years ago. I have never cared for how they felt in my hand or shot. Knowing that they make a solid product I wished that they felt better but choose to

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