Review: Randys EDC


Alright this is a little bit different then what we normally do but it’s a good topic and I can do a few mini reviews at the same time. So what is EDC? Well if you haven’t seen it referred to as EDC before it stands for Every Day Carry or what you always have on you.



As you can see I carry a decent amount of stuff. It’s not as bad as it looks and probably not much more than the average person has on them at any one time.

EDC- Keys

First thing that I always have on me just like almost everyone else are my keys. Nothing out of the ordinary with the exception of the Gerber shard. This little guy comes in handy all the time because it’s always on me. It has a mini prybar, 2 sizes of flathead screwdrivers, a Phillips screwdriver and a bottle opener on it. I have been really surprised how often I find myself using it. The best part about it is that it’s only $5 on amazon. I highly recommend going and picking one up.


Edc- Flashlight

Next is the 5.11 EDC flashlight I love the size and shape of this flashlight. It has got a somewhat rectangular shape as opposed to the round of most flashlights so it ends up being the same basic size and shape of a small folding pocket knife. It makes it feel very natural to carry if you are used to carrying a pocket knife on a clip. I carry it next to my pocket knife and can’t even feel that I have it on.

It’s a very simple design using 2 AAA batteries and a simple on/off with only one brightness setting. I find this ideal so that I’m not messing with settings and I always know what will happen when I turn it on. If you have been thinking about adding a flashlight to your EDC for $21.00 the 5.11 EDC is hard to beat. And you can get them in Black or FDE.

Edc- blade

On to my Gerber pocket knife there really isn’t too much to say here I have been carrying this knife for years and can’t remember what model it is it’s a Gerber spring assisted opening tanto half serrated blade and has never let me down.


Well as you know if you have been reading my other articles I was never a big Glock fan until a friend got a Glock 43 and gen 4 19. I really ended up liking the gen4 Glocks and ended up getting a Glock 32 and putting a Ghost 3.5lb trigger kit in it that has become my EDC gun. If you are not familiar with the Glock 32 it’s the same size as a Glock 19 and 23 but is chambered in .357 Sig.

Why .357 sig?

Now you might ask why I went with a .357 sig instead of a 9mm when it seems like lots of places on the internet would have you believe that 9mm is the perfect carry round. Well the biggest reason for my decision is how well .357 sig defeats barriers plain and simple I do not want to sacrifice 2 rounds over a 9mm Glock 19 but I am willing to make that sacrifice and I still have 13+1 capacity  so nothing to complain about, but if you ever have to shoot through a windshield or some other barrier you will be glad you have the .357 sig, and since I spend a lot of time driving that’s an important factor for me when picking a caliber.

Finding the best carry gun/caliber

Don’t get me wrong I am in no way knocking a 9mm, I carried a 9mm for many years including overseas and it has never let me down and I wouldn’t ever feel undergunned with it, but for my needs I feel the .357 Sig was a better choice. I also don’t really like to make recommendations on the best gun to carry. I think that’s a very individual choice and that you need to get out and try several different pistols and see what feels the most comfortable for you and that you can shoot the best. Caliber selection is what you feel comfortable with carrying but the truth is no matter what you carry if you have to use your pistol the bad guy won’t be able to tell what caliber he was hit with, shot placement is the key.

So there you have it that’s what I have for my EDC. I didn’t go into my phone or wallet because everyone already has a phone and wallet and let’s face it this is a gun blog not a tech blog so I doubt you came he to learn about smart phones. What do you carry? We would love to see your answers in the comments.

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Review: CMC Triggers


Cmc drop in triggers

I spoke with Jack Biegel the president of CMC triggers last week via email and he was kind enough to send me their two most popular triggers, a 91503(1-Stage Flat 3-1/2) & a 92504(2-Stage Flat 2-2) to test and evaluate. Shipping was very fast, I was given a tracking number and I had the triggers three days later. When the triggers arrived they were packaged very well and came with some nice CMC Swag.

So what makes CMC triggers different? Well they offer a direct drop in improvement or upgrade to a factory trigger. Installation is simple and uncomplicated. The old trigger comes out and the new CMC trigger unit drops right in. No gunsmith and no headache.

Cmc 2 stage flat face trigger install

After the triggers arrived, I got right to work installing them. First, I installed the two stage trigger in my precision 6.5 grendel AR. The instructions were very well written and easy for anyone to follow. It took about 5 minutes to swap the CMC trigger into the Grendel. I dry fired the trigger a few times after the install to ensure that it functioned properly. From the first dry firing I was in love with the two stage trigger. It was extremely smooth on the first stage and the second stage broke nice and crisp.

Cmc 1 stage flat faced trigger install

Next, I pulled one of my AR carbines out to put the single stage trigger in. The installation was exactly the same with the single stage as it was with the two stage and again took less than 5 minuets to install. I again dry fired the trigger a few times to ensure proper function. This is exactly what a carbine trigger should feel like. There is zero movement in the single stage trigger as soon as it gets to 3.5lbs on the trigger it will fire and the reset is extremely short and fast.


Now that I had the triggers installed I was excited to be able to get to the range and test them. I loaded 500 rounds of .223 and 150 6.5 grendel to take to the range and put them through their paces. The next morning I woke up, loaded the car, and headed out to the range.

Cmc 2 stage trigger range time- long-range

When I got to the range, I went to the long-range first to test out the two stage trigger. I started off slow working my way out from 300 yards to 760 yards on steel targets. The two stage trigger was a dream to shoot and I fired about 100 rounds with zero issues.

Then it was time to really challenge the trigger. So I took a handful of damp sand and opened the rifle up and dropped it directly over the trigger and shot another 10 rounds with no change to the way the trigger felt.


I thought, ok this is a good sign let see what it will take to make it fail. So I took another bigger handful of dirt and added it directly into the trigger again.

As you can see that is more dirt than anyone could ever get into the trigger under field or competition conditions. To my pleasant surprise the only thing that happened was that I could feel a little grit in the trigger and had to pull the trigger a little harder the first couple of shots. Then it was back to shooting like normal with only feeling a little grit in the trigger.


This was my first time shooting a flat trigger. I have been wanting to try one but was on the fence about them, not wanting to spend a couple of hundred dollars on something that I didn’t know if I would like. Now I can definitely tell you I am a convert to flat triggers. I can see all of my rifles eventually ending up with them. The best way to describe it, they have a more comfortable and natural feel to them than the standard curved triggers.


Cmc 1 stage trigger range time 16″ carbine

Now to the single stage trigger in my 16” bushmaster carbine. Now this was my 1st AR and the only one I own that I didn’t build myself. Well sort of, since now I have replaced almost everything on it at this point besides the barrel and receiver set.

So first I started off fairly simple just shooting some targets offhand at 200 yards. As soon as I started shooting I could feel the difference that the CMC trigger made. Now keep in mind, I have over 10,000 rounds through this rifle and it feels like an extension of my arm, but with the CMC trigger it’s like it became a part of my arm. The trigger made it so much nicer to shoot.

Next, I tried a few mag dumps to see how the CMC trigger holds up to rapid fire. I put 7 magazines through it as fast as I could pull the trigger. With the CMC triggers short reset and 3.5lb pull it was a lot faster than the factory trigger. There was no issue firing that fast and the trigger felt perfect. After the rapid fire test I started shooting for accuracy again and was able to get out to 500 yards with ease.

Now came the time to really put the single stage trigger to the test. I broke open the rifle and put a big handful of dry sand directly into the trigger

I was really trying to make the trigger fail with the sand but it refused to fail. Now, I did have to pull a little harder the first couple of shots but after 4 or 5 shots it was almost back to normal. After 10 shots you would never know I had poured sand into the trigger.

My overall impression of both of the CMC triggers is that they are a great investment and will make shooting an AR more effective and more fun. Weather you have a cheap $500 basic AR or a custom build, a CMC trigger is the first upgrade I would recommend and probably the one thing that will make the biggest difference in accuracy .

The 2-stage triggers have an MSRP of $239.99 and the single stage has an MSRP of $195.99. In my opinion, they are worth a lot more for the performance you get, but all their products are made in the US.

Now to clean them

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Review: Ghost Inc Trigger



I have never been a fan of Glocks. For years I have shot friends Gen 2 and Gen 3 Glocks. I owned a Gen 2 Glock 17 some years ago. I have never cared for how they felt in my hand or shot. Knowing that they make a solid product I wished that they felt better but choose to carry a Sig 239 instead. I recently had a friend purchase a Glock 43 and a Glock 19 Gen 4. I went with him to the range and really liked the way the Glock 19 Gen 4 felt and shot. Fast forward about a month and I find a good deal on a Glock 32 Gen 4. Although I liked the feel of the Gen 4 Glocks I have never been a fan of the trigger.

The ghost Inc trigger

The next day I head to my local gun shop. When I get there I see some trigger kits from Ghost Inc. and start talking to the owner of the shop about them. He has a pistol that they had done some custom work on that also had the Ghost Inc. trigger in it. After trying it out I was impressed. It felt much better than the factory trigger. I decided to get the GHO- EDGETK. It included a ghost edge 3.5lb trigger bar, 6lb and 4lb firing pin springs, and a 6lb trigger spring . It also included a reduced power firing pin safety plunger spring. I choose the 4 lb firing pin spring. The owner offered to install it for me free of charge.Ghost


Ghost trigger: Range time

On sunday I took the Glock out to the range with a few hundred rounds of ammo and the new Ghost trigger kit installed. I was impressed that my Glock shot as well as my Sig 229. The trigger system was 100% reliable with FMJ and HP rounds. Shooing the Glock 32 was a dream with the kit installed. It’s much smoother and breaks more cleanly than the stock trigger.

It is worth noting that I did not have a single failure to fire due to a light primer strike with multiple types and brands of ammunition. The reset is much smoother and the wall much crisper. The pistol shot better and addressed the issues that I have personally had with the factory Glock trigger. To anyone who is interested in upgrading their trigger with duty or edc in mind, I recommend trying out the Ghost Trigger.

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