Randy Galvan/ July 19, 2017/ Reviews


MagnetosPEed v3 review

Having good data is one of the most important aspects of both long-range shooting and reloading. The Magnetospeed V3 has everything you need to get all of the information needed for your data book and load development and it is affordable as well.


I received my Magnetospeed V3 to test and evaluate. It came in a nice case reminiscent of a hard plastic pistol case. It has foam cut for each part that comes with the V3 and seems to hold everything securely.


The “bayonet” attaches to your barrel and comes with multiple sized barrel attachments to use with different diameter barrels as well as a square aluminum rod that you use as a guide to get the correct spacing.


The monitor that it comes with is simple to use and with the provided cables either a six-foot standard or a four-foot retractable cable it sits right next to you as you shoot so you can see the speed of each shot without having to get up between shots.

The Magnetospeed also comes with a microSD card and SD card adapter so that you can use to save your shot data to your computer if you want to keep a digital log.

Rifle attachment

I must say I have always been very sceptical of the Magnetospeed not because I didn’t trust the data but because of changing point of impact and effecting grouping. I was pleasantly surprised that I was wrong to worry about as neither aspect was effected. It was also very refreshing not to get error codes because of clouds passing overhead or changing light conditions.

It’s also nice not to have to go down range while you set up the Magnetospeed. It is also a lot less work than setting up a traditional chronograph. Overall I was very impressed with the V3 especially going into the review expecting different results. However after multiple range trips I only had one error code and i was unable to duplicate it. I would highly recommend the Magnetospeed V3 to anyone who want to get accurate load data easily.

For more information on the Magnetospeed V3 checkout their website here. MSRP is $380 and can often be found for less.


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