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The AR world has long been dominated by the polymer magazine and Magpul has been at the forefront. In the last few years we have seen more companies jump on with offerings as well. Magpul has made themselves a name for producing reliable and durable magazines and a decent price. Magpul has finally made a product for pistols but are they worthy of the Magpul Name?

First Look

I recently purchased a Glock 19 and was in need of spare magazines. If there is one thing that every Glock owner has experienced it is the price of Glock factory magazines. They are not cheap. Having used the AR PMAGs and never experiencing any issues i decided to give the new PMAG 15 GL9 a try. The biggest benefit with Magpuls new magazine is the price.


Pen dot Matrix

Another favorite of mine from the Magpul line is the use of their pen dot matrix system. On the GL9 the matrix is located on the floor plate of the magazine. It allows you to mark your magazines and does not have the usual downfall of the paint or marker wearing off with use. For anyone running a competition or working with other shooters often this small feature allows you to make your magazines easily identifiable by you.


Glock factory magazines have a reputation for reliability so any after market replacement should function just as well. The GL9 did not disappoint. On my trip to the range I fired over 500 round through a single PMAG 15 GL9 and not a single failure was experienced. I tossed the GL9 both loaded and unloaded about 20 feet in the air multiple times in between firing strings to add additional stress. The magazine kept on feeding with only minor surface wear.


While there is a lot that I really like there were a few things that I disliked. The factory Glock magazines give you the ability to quickly determine how many rounds that you have in your mag. The GL9 series of magazines only has an indicator showing when the it is full. Being a Magpul product I would like to see a window or other feature to give you a rough remaining round count.

I also experienced one other issue while loading the magazine. It seemed to be a little tougher to load than a factory magazine. I actually broke my Glock magazine loader at the range. This is not a bad thing as it indicates a stronger spring which will make a more reliable magazine, but i thought it was worth reporting.

I would recommend the PMAG if for no other reason than the price while I do prefer the Glock factory mags over the PMAG the factory mag is not better enough to spend the extra money over the PMAG. Unless you absolutely have to have the ability to look at the mag and know exactly how many rounds you have in the magazine pick up a few PMAG in you own a 9mm Glock.

For more information on the Magpul PMAG 15 GL9 you can look at their website here. It has an MSRP of $15.95.


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