Randy Galvan/ July 22, 2017/ Reviews



Besides the Magnetospeed V3, Magnetospeed was also kind enough to send me their grip system to test. So far I absolutely love the grip. I have it installed on an AR-10 chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor currently. I find it extremely comfortable and really like the texture of the grip. Another very nice thing with the grip is it comes with a long allen key to install the grip screw. The grip is also designed with the grip screw held in place inside the grip with a plug. This sit one of the easiest grips I have ever installed on any AR!

Storage box

The grip also comes with a small storage box that fits into the grip. It is spring-loaded with a button on the bottom. When you push the button you release the dry box so it’s easy to get out. One thing I have noticed is that about ¾ of the time when you eject it, it removes the lid to the box. I’m not sure if this intentional or not. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not a big deal as the dry box stays about half way in the grip so nothing spills out of it but you have to fish around with your fingers to get the lid out.


Next, as part of the M-Series Grip system we have the MiniLight. It is a very small but bright little flashlight. It runs off of 1 CR123 battery which is included. The light is very simple to operate with two buttons. A large gray button that turns on the main light with a simple on/off function. There is also a smaller red button that activates two red LED bulbs giving you red light.Each button will override the other so if you have the red light on and need the bright white light all you have to do is hit the button and it turns on the white light and automatically turns off the red and vice verse.

The light comes with two ways to mount it, one being a small hat clip that would be good if you need to make a repair to your rifle at night or need some hands free light. I would not keep it on my hat unless I’m using it at the time because it’s held to the clip by a magnet that will let the light fall with any quick head movement. I would like to see a little bit more robust attachment for the light to your hat.

Hat attachment

1913 quick attach

The other way to mount the light is with a 1913 rail adapter this would be great as a backup light it’s very fast to mount if you have the adapter on your rail just eject it from the grip and stick it to the magnets in the adapter. Keep in mind I would not recommend this as a primary weapon light due to the fact that if the light is bumped or you drop your rifle it WILL fall off. I have tested it with a lot of fast movement that you would expect in a dynamic environment and as long as nothing touches the light or rifle it has stayed on without any issues. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much of a bump to knock the light of. I do think this would be a perfect backup light and that seems to be exactly what it was designed for.


The last thing that they sent me was the MiniMAG. Like the dry box and MiniLight, it fits in the grip. The MiniMAG is a three round magazine. Designed for .223/5.56 and 300blk. This is a very different concept, and to be honest, I can’t think of any practical application for it. I mean it works exactly as advertised. I just can’t think of any situation that isn’t the last fight in an action movie that I would need three extra rounds stored in the grip of my rifle. If you can think of a good use for this magazine please let me know in the comments.

They also make a monopod for the grip that I would love to get my hands on to test but so far have been able to.

Overall I really like the grip and the storage and would definitely recommend the grip to anyone that is thinking about getting it. I think Magnetospeed is trying to be very innovative when it comes to this grip I like the dry box and think the flashlight definitely has a lot of potential, but could use a few improvements that I mentioned above. Now, I really think they missed the mark with the MiniMAG unless I am missing something.

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