Randy Galvan/ August 3, 2017/ Reviews

Review: Inline Fabrications Ergo Roller Handle

Today we are going to be talking about the Inline Fabrications ergo roller handle. The handle I was sent was for the Dillon XL650. However, they make them for all the major brands of presses.

The handle came shipped in a USPS flat rate box. It was packaged well and came with very easy to follow instructions. The first thing I noticed when looking at the lever and roller handle was how heavy-duty the construction was.

Assembly is very easy all you need is a 5/32nd hex key to screw the roller handle into the lever. You will want to use blue Loctite on the threads to ensure that it won’t work its way lose.

The lever seems to fit better in the press than the Dillon handle did. The Inline Fabrication handle also has a nice rubber cover to protect the threads after you get it installed.

So now that I have the ergo roller handle installed it’s time to try it out. The first thing I did was use it to trim about 1000 .223 cases. All I can say is that it’s amazing!!! I have always loved the XL 650 and this makes it so much better. Normally after doing that much work on the 650, I can feel it from my hand rubbing on the ball on the standard Dillon handle but not with the Ergo Roller handle I feel like I could load another 10,000 rounds with no issues at all.

If you own any reloading press this is a MUST have upgrade! It is a very simple fix to a very common problem. Only time will tell but from the quality of the product I am very confident that the roller handle will be a good upgrade for quite some time to come.

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