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TacPack review


TacPack was kind enough to send me a couple of their monthly subscription boxes to review. The way it works is you sign up for a subscription for $49.99 a month. Then they ship you your TacPack on the 15th. Right now I have the June and July boxes and will be getting the August box shipped on the 15th. (keep an eye out for the update when the August box gets here)




Alright let’s get to the June box first.  I have to say that you definitely get your money’s worth. The MSRP adds up to $150.00 for everything in the box based on the prices TacPack listed as MSRP. The prices are pretty spot on and I was really only able to find two things for less online. (more on that later) With that said it still would cost you $139.00 to buy everything in the June TacPack. Now let’s get to the good stuff!!! What’s in the box:


The first thing that comes in the box is the Burnproof Gear Rail Wrap. This is an interesting concept. Burnproof Gear makes suppressor covers and It’s basicly a suppressor cover but made to go on the rail of your rifle to keep the heat off your hands with high rates of fire. It seems to be well made. I am planning to do a full review of the Rail wrap next time I go out to the range. The MSRP is $75.00 and that’s what I found it for online. You also get a 10% off coupon code for burnproof gear



Next we have the Nine line Tanker made by Nine line Apparel. This is the 20oz version with a closing lid. I would compare it to a Yeti or RTIC when it comes to quality and design. It also has the Nine Line logo embossed on the tanker. If you drink anything you want to keep hot or cold this is great. It is also nice that they include things that you will use every day and not just at the range. The MSRP of the tanker is $24.00 and again what I found it for online.



Up next we have Armaspec anti walk pins. If you have an AR15 or AR10 this is a nice bonus to your TacPack. You replace your trigger and hammer pins with them. They make it so you have to unscrew the ends of the pin instead of being able to just push them out like on the factory pins.  MSRP was listed as $15.00 I did find them for $13.95 online but you would still have to pay shipping making them more than $15.00



The last thing in the June TacPack is the ABKT Phantom Spector knife. The construction feels decent and the blade is sharp. This is a fairly inexpensive knife and you can feel that in the construction. However it is very easy to open with one hand. It has a good size to it and a pocket clip. I feel like it would make a nice EDC knife that you wouldn’t lose any sleep over if something happened to it while still being a capable and useful knife. The MSRP is $36.00 and that’s what it is listed at on the ABKT website but you can find it for $26.42 on Amazon.



So as you can see with the June TacPack you get your money’s worth. Now let’s jump right into what came in the July Box.


The July TacPack has an MSRP of $105.00 as listed by TacPack. Again this price is pretty spot on. And again Amazon does bring this price down by about $10 bucks but you still are getting a good deal. So what’s in the July TacPack?



First, you get a 5.11 tactical knife. This is a better quality knife than the one from the June box as you would expect from 5.11 Tactical. The blade has an interesting shape that would make it good for slashing. It’s a bit on the small side and very thin making it a nice carry knife. TacPack lists the MSRP as 36.00 and I found it for $33.00 on Amazon.



The second thing is the Fusion Daisy Chain and Carabiner. It’s basically a long VERY sturdy strap and climbing carabiner. The best thing that it looks like it could be used for is to hang bags above the ground. The quality is surprising on it as well it looks like it could hold over 100 lbs with no issues the MSRP is listed as $30.00 and I can’t find this product online but from the quality I am sure that is an accurate price.



Up next we have the BrakeThrough cleaning kit. It seems to be a very nice kit as it besides the solvent, grease  and oil that you would expect from a cleaning kit it also has a microfiber cloth and cleaning brush. The listed MSRP is $25.00 and that’s what it costs online.



The last thing in the July TacPack is the EZ Accuracy Gas Block Dimple Tool. if you build your own ARs this is a great little gool if you want to dimple the barrel for your gas block. The only problem I see with this being in the TacPack is that a lot of people might not use it but I build my own ARs so I am happy to see something like this included.



For July they also included a cool vinyl patch


So, in conclusion, there is no doubt that you definitely get your money’s worth from the TacPacks. You just have to decide if you will use enough of the items to be worth it to you. For me, I really like the fact that you get things you wouldn’t necessarily go out and buy but will still come in handy. So if you have an extra 49.95 a month and want a subscription box you should give serious consideration to TacPack.


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