Review: Rifles Only The Bungee Sling


The rifle sling is an important and seemingly forgotten accessory in the long-range community. They are highly versatile tools that can fill many roles. When one looks for a rifle sling the options are almost endless. After hours of research I came across the Rifles Only Bungee Sling. It seemed to have a lot to offer. After talking to a few more experienced shooters it also came highly recommenced so I pulled the trigger.

Rifles Only is what I would consider an end-user company. They took years of research and testing as well as input from competition shooters, military and LEO snipers, and instructors in to account. The end result is an amazing sling that is very easy and effective to use.

Attachment System

The Rifles Only Sling caught my attention for the ability to easily use different attachments.  Some slings on the market make it hard to swap attachments. The Bungee Sling is designed to allow use of any attachments available. Instead of having to buy multiple slings set up to specific attachments you only need one sling and the attachments you intend to use. You can get the sling with no attachments, Heavy duty swivels(stud swivel), HK hooks, or flush cups(QD mounts). I ordered mine with flush cups as that is what I use on my rifle. Should that ever change all I need to do is order different attachments and swap them out with the flush cups. Easy and effective with no need to order a new sling with the appropriate attachments needed.Bungee

Cam-Buckle system

I ordered a Coyote Brown Rifles Only Bungee Sling. I was immediately impressed with the quality and construction of the product. It features 2 cam-buckles for quick and easy adjustments.

The first cam-buckle is located at the front (barrel) portion of the sling. As per the Rifles Only website this can be used to adjust the overall tension of the sling.

The rear cam-buckle allows you to adjust the length of the sling. Should you choose to sling up you can also use the rear cam-buckle to place the sling snugly around your bicep.

One of my favorite parts of the cam-buckle system is the fact that they use a different color, texture, and width fabric that is attached to the cam-buckles. This allows you to quickly and easily grab and pull the proper piece to adjust the sling without having to look and see what you are doing. If you need to release the cam-buckle you grab the smaller thinner black piece. To adjust the sling and tighten it, you grab the double reinforced fabric that is the same width and material as the sling itself. Bungee


The bungee

The rear portion of the sling is a large bungee. It connects to the lower portion of the sling that contains the cam-buckles via a ITW GT Cobra Buckle. The cobra buckle is polymer in construction which saves weight and also aids with noise reduction over a metal buckle. It can carry a tensile load of up to 500 lbs. If you should ever need to break away from your rifle quickly all you need to do is pinch the buckle on the tabs and it drops free. This feature also helps when you need to sling up with the rifle and allows you to disengage the rear portion of the sling and only use what is needed.

The bungee itself provides quite a few benefits that are worth noting. When using the rifle sling in traditional 2-point sling fashion the bungee provides rear-ward tension. As you load into the rifle the bungee will pull the rifle back into your shoulder giving you extra support. This helps tremendously when making you need to take a quick shot from an unsupported position.  The second benefit of the bungee is that it reduces the felt weight of the rifle. If you are a hunter or a military sniper who travels long distance it will also help as you move across rough terrain.


Final Thoughts

I like the versatility of the sling. The guys and gals over at Rifles Only really put a lot of time and effort into the design. The cam-buckle system is simple and easy to use. It allows for rapid adjustments and small “micro” adjustments to help create a more stable position.

The ability to quickly break away from the sling via the ITW buckle is also a great feature. Should you ever need to get the rifle off you or do not require the sling any longer simply pinching the buckle drops the sling. This can save you a few seconds if you are shooting a stage that requires the sling for one position but would hinder you on the next. The bungee helps for both transporting the rifle on long days or over far distances and also helps make a more stable position by pulling the rifle into the shoulder.

Possibly the best part of the Rifles Only Bungee Sling is that it is a sum of its parts. If you need to take a quick shot the bungee and cam-buckles allow for a quick and easy hasty sling set up. Should you be doing dedicated position work you can set up into a very effective and adjustable loop sling.

For more information you can head over to Rifles Only website Here.

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