Review: Sarge’s Shooting Bags


Sarge’s Shooting Bags Review

Shooting bags are becoming more and more popular tools in the long-range shooting community. Most long-range shooters have used a rear bag in some capacity. What is formally known as a sand bag has been adapted to fill more than the role of just a rear bag. Shooting bags are used in competition shooting like the Precision Rifle Series and other practical precision matches. They help aid in positional shooting and come in many shapes and sizes. Everyone has their favorite company to produce bags. After asking for some recommendations I choose to go with Sarge’s Shooting Bags. Sarge’s is a veteran owned and operated company and makes a great product at an affordable price.

I ordered The MOAB, The Goody Bag, The Wild Bill, and The Blockhead. It is worth noting that Sarge’s offers a discounted price if you order a combo. For example I ordered the Big Bag Combo. It contained the MOAB, Goody Bag, and Wild Bill. If ordered individually the total cost of the package would be $199 dollars, however the combo sells for $166. A savings of $30.

Sarge’s speed straps

Unlike other bags on the market Sarge’s bags have a unique feature that sets them apart from the rest. The Sarge’s Speed Strap allows for easy and quick one-handed adjustments to tighten or loosen the strap. This helps when using the bag as a “pillow” on one of your arms to help fill space and make a stable position. It also makes attaching the bag to your rifle very easy and hassle free. All you have to do is pull the shock cord at either end of the speed strap to tighten. Sarge'sSarge's


The Mother of All Bags is Sarge’s second largest bag. Measuring 10″x8″x6″ the MOAB has a lot of uses. It can be used with an AR-15 with a 30 round magazine in the prone. It also works great for filling large voids by adding stability in positional shooting. The MOAB comes standard with a lightweight poly fill that breaks in nicely. Even with its large size the fill keeps the weight down and it is very comfortable to use when strapped to your arm.Featuring two of Sarge’s Speed Straps it is very easy to use and adjust. It also has a loop for attaching a strap should you want to run with the bag attached to your person or rifle. The MOAB has an MSRP of $78.



The Goody Bag 

Measuring in at 10″x8″x4″ the Goody Bag is Sarge’s 3rd largest bag produced. That Goody Bag has a lot of uses from a front bag for your rifle, a rear bag while shooting in the prone, or used to fill gaps in your position by attaching to your arm and using as a “pillow” The Goody Bag features two of Sarge’s Speed Straps and also has a loop for attaching the bag to your person or rifle. Just like The MOAB The Goody Bag also comes with a lightweight poly fill. Out of the 4 Sarge’s bags that I own The Goody Bag is by far my preferred bag to run on the front of my rifle. I have used it to help create a more solid position as well as using it to “wedge” the rifle on a barricade. The Goody Bag has an MSRP of $66. Sarge'sSarge's


The Wild Bill

The Wild Bill measures in at 8″x5″x4″. It has one Sarge’s Speed Strap. It makes for a great rear bag and can also be used as a front bag if needed. The Wild Bill can be had with the lightweight poly fill or a heavy plastic resin. I choose the lightweight poly fill, but have considered ordering another with the heavy plastic resin fill. When I bought my Sarge’s bags I also got the Blockhead expecting that to be my dedicated rear bag. After using both The Blockhead and The Wild Bill I found that I can use the Wild Bill as a positional bag as well as on the front of my rifle in a pinch if necessary making it much more versatile. The Wild Bill has an MSRP of  $55.Sarge's

The Blockhead

The Blockhead measures in at 6″x5″x4″. Best for use as a dedicated rear bag The Blockhead does not have a Sarge’s Speed Strap. Instead it has an adjustable Velcro strap to keep the bag attached to your hand while using it as a rear bag. You can get the Blockhead in either lightweight poly fill or the heavier plastic resin. I choose the lightweight poly fill. Offering 3 different heights to choose from when used as a rear bag it is very flexible.

Out of all 4 of my Sarge’s bags The Blockhead sees the least amount of use. I like to run a bag attached to the butt-stock of my rifle should I need a rear bag and I purchased the Blockhead for this purpose, however I found that I actually prefer to run The Wild Bill for this application instead. Your Mileage may very. The Blockhead has an MSRP of $34.00.Sarge's



Top notch quality

All four of the bags I ordered came to me right inline with the time-table promised. The materials used and the craftsmanship exceeded my expectations. Like all new bags they had to be broken in, which according to a very reliable source is best done by parking your vehicle on the bags to help speed up the process. After getting over my initial fear of destroying the bags I did just that and they have broken in nicely. I am very impressed with the quality of the bags and how much of a difference they can make in getting a stable position when shooting off a barricade. If you are looking for new bags I would absolutely recommend Sarge’s Shooting Bags!


Brand New Out of The Box
After a few trips of breaking them in

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