First Impressions: MPA BA Competition Chassis

First Impression: MPA BA Competition Chassis

If you are in the market for a new stock or chassis system for your rifle there are a lot of choices. Both traditional stocks and chassis systems both have a lot to offer. Much like selecting a rifle or a cartridge to shoot it has a lot to do with what your intended use is. I have always had a hard time getting what I wanted in a stock/chassis system. I have always favored the vertical grip of a traditional stock. At the same time I have always liked the additional features most chassis systems come with. MPA was able to bring the best of both worlds to one system.

A sum of all of its parts

The MPA BA Competition Chassis arrived to me finished in Burnt Bronze Cerakote with a barrel channel cut to accept up to MTU contour barrel as ordered. What makes MPA unique is that they as a company are constantly evolving. During the time that I placed my order to the time that I received my chassis there were 2 major changes that were added. The RAT system and the lug lock. So what features makes this chassis stand out?

Rotating barricade stop
Rotating Barricade stop

This is a user adjustable system that allows you to “wedge” the for end of your rifle around an obstacle like a barricade. Should you choose to run a bag on your rifle it can be easily removed. There are also additional accessories that work with the barricade stop system.

Barricade stop system

For more information you can click here.

Trinity rail system

Designed to help get the bipod closer to the magwell the trinity rail is another user adjustable and removable system designed by MPA. It allows you to add/remove or adjust the location of the trinity rail to relocate your bipod for stage dependant shooting like when shooting off of tires or barrels.

Trinity Rail System


Trinity Rail System installed

For more information on the trinity rail click here.

Modified magwell “ryan castle” magwell cut

The modified magwell allows you to side load the magazine in tighter positions. The Competition Chassis accepts AICS style magazines.

“Ryan Castle” magwell cut
Bag rider AttachmeNt

Using a rear bag with some stocks or chassis systems can often time be a pain. MPA realized that shooting off a bag could be improved. They deleted their monopod system and replaced it with the bag rider attachment. This helps with consistent rear bag placement and recoil management when shooting from a rear bag.

Bag Rider Attachment
The Evg

One of my favorite parts about this chassis is the EVG. I love the fact that I can have a vertical grip on a chassis system. It fits like a glove, indexes my trigger finger perfectly and consistently on the trigger, and has a nice rough texture to help with gripping when things get sweaty and wet. Even better yet it will work with anything that accepts a standard A2 style grip.


Additional systems
Don’t Sue!

The MPA Competition Chassis also comes with the RAT System. I will be ordering the necessary parts to use this system once my new bipod gets here. For more information you can check out the MPA site here. You can also read up on all the additional features the Competition Chassis comes with on their website.

A suggestion to masterpeice arms

So far I love the competition chassis system. When I started out this article I talked about how the MPA competition Chassis is a sum of all of its parts. I feel this is also true of any company or business out there. Masterpeice Arms produced an excellent product that was well worth the wait. With that being said I feel as though their customer service is sub par.

When I ordered my chassis I was quoted 8 to 12 weeks from time of order until time of delivery. That seemed fair, they also gave an option to pay only 20% and pay the rest at completion so I waited my 12 weeks. All said and done I got the chassis at a few days past 15 weeks from the day I placed my order.

My experience reaching out to MPA

I had sent emails and even called general customer service. When I did manage to get hold of MPA I was told it should be done next week only to wait another week after that. Personally I found their customer service to be a little hard to get a hold of. Emails didn’t always get returned in a timely fashion or at all. I received a phone call from MPA. Whom ever made that phone call did not leave a message. When I called back no one was able to tell me who called or why.

When someone is spending money with you they see value enough to do so. I can honestly say that some of that value was lost in our transaction. As someone who’s income heavily relies on customer satisfaction and has a great track record of high customer satisfaction scores in my industry  I would like to make a few suggestions to the folks at Masterpeice Arms, I hope you take them to heart.

What can you do to improve?

1. Under promise and over deliver. Right now you have it backwards. I understand that 2 design changes were made and that they required retooling to get those put into production that push back production times. Update your wait times to be at a bare minimum realistic. I would have still placed the order if you told me it would take 12 to 16 weeks. I just placed an order for a barrel that quoted me 6 to 8 months. Time is not an issue as long as it is realistic. Under promise and over deliver.

2. Keep in touch with your customers and keep them updated. I wasn’t upset that my chassis took 15 weeks. I was upset that I didn’t get a single email or call from you at or prior to 12 weeks explaining why my chassis wasn’t done at 12 weeks like you told me when I placed my order. This is a realistic request from a customer, this is something you should already be doing and are not. It doesn’t even have to be a personal email to every single person who has an order in either.

If you are not using a customer relationship management tool (CRM) that can send out mass emails updating those with orders that are running behind production I would suggest looking into it. Not only will it keep your customers happy, it will also make the business side of your life easier. It will also allow you to keep notes on customer contacts. Meaning that you can easily find out who called a customer and why if they didn’t leave a message.

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