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Long range shooting has been on the rise for many years. More and more new shooters are becoming involved every day. While the internet has the benefit of being able to ask anyone a question about anything the information shared might not always be correct.  After talking in depth about the subject we decided to put together a  recommended reading list.  We believe that this list will above anything else improve your knowledge and shooting ability.


Long Range Shooting Handbook

While not released yet based off the information one can gain from his first book we believe that this book will also be a great asset in improving your shooting.

Advanced Long Range Shooting

Precision Long Range Hunting and Shooting Volume One and Two offer great information for those just getting started as well as the more experienced shooter. You can find both volumes here.

Brian Litz and the team at Applied Ballistics have been on the forefront of modern ballistics, You can find their whole library of books on different subjects here.

Reloading is a very important part of Long Range Shooting. While there are many good reloading books I personally gained the most from Berger. Not only does it discuss reloading but also multiple shooting disciplines. You can find their latest manual here.

Reloading to Win is also a great resource for reloading for the precision rifle. You can find more information here.

Online Resources


LRS New Shooter 101 and LRS Group Directory

Precision Rifle Network

Sniper 101 

Long Range Rifle Shooting with Ryan Cleckner


We will Update the list as we find more books that offer quality information. Please feel free to comment with suggestions or questions below.

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