Randy Galvan/ January 6, 2018/ Main Articles

Hawk Hill Custom: Bipod Replacement Feet


Have you ever looked for a better solution to the standard feet that come on your Harris bipod? I recently had the chance to shoot a rifle that had upgraded Hawk Hill bipod feet. I was immediately impressed with the fit, finish, quality, and most importantly the improved performance of the bipod.  You can find the product here.

So I ordered a set of Hawk Hill Bi pod replacement feet for my Harris bipod on Tuesday, January 2nd and within an hour I received a shipping notification Email. I will be honest I figured it must have just meant they had printed a label as it didn’t have a tracking number in the email. Fast forward to Thursday, January 4th the mail arrived and low an behold I had a package from Hawk Hill!!! Outstanding Customer Service right off the bat!


How it arrived and the install process


You get everything needed to install the feet.  Two spiked feet, two roll pins, a tall and short block and drive pins to remove the roll pins holding the Harris feet on.


The roll pins are a bit of a pain to remove like all roll pins. It is  simple enough with the drive blocks if you follow the instructions just make sure you have the blocks lined up right.


After installation and trip to the range I don’t think I will ever own a bipod without them.

The quality is great and the feet feel extremely sturdy. They also helps reduce the chance of the bipod sliding or slipping.  What really stands out to me and makes me want to try more of their product’s is the amazing customer service. I don’t think I have ever received something so fast without having to pay extra for expedited shipping! I would highly recommend the bipod feet and Hawk Hill as a company!!


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