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My friends at Euro Optics where kind enough to send me a Steiner P4Xi in 4-16x56mm with a 34mm tube. The test scope came in a First Focal Plane, with the Steiner SCR Reticle. You can find the scope here. 


I paired the scope with a set of Nightforce Rings on an LRS Precision Shop AR10 in 6.5 Creedmoor. My initial impressions of the scope have been very good. The glass quality is better than my Gen 2 Vortex Viper PST.
The adjustments are a bit stiff but have a very nice audible and tactile clicks. The scope has 20 MILS of adjustment with two full revolutions of the turret. A very nice feature is the color coded turret markings and color coded revolution indicator. On the 1st revolution, you use the white numbers and green on the second. The window changes colors to let you know what revolution you are on so you don’t ever have to worry about losing track during a match or out in the field hunting.


But enough of the boring technical stuff!! How did the scope perform? It performed very well! After I I got the scope zeroed I tested tracking at 100 yards. The scope performed flawlessly. Then I moved out to 400 yards dialed the scope in and was hitting a 12” plate with no issues at all.

That was as far as I was able to shoot on the 1st trip do to weather and time that I had that day. The next big test came 2 weeks later when I took the scope to a PRS match with targets out to 1,047 yards. The first stage was 10 shots at 940 yards. I dialed the scope in and 1st round impact! I was extremely happy as I had never shot or dialed the scope that far until this stage. The next stage had five distances out to 530 yards. The scope was dead on as I dialed each distance. That’s how the rest of the day went then we got to the stage at 1,047 yards and again 1st round impact!!



So would I recommend the Steiner P4Xi? Yes I would! It’s a great scope and worked extremely well. I do wish it had more magnification, but that is not a fault of the scope it really wasn’t designed with PRS in mind but with that said it still worked well. If I was going to buy this scope I would personally put it on something I wasn’t going to shoot past 6-800 yards often on.

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