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Match Gear

I have a match coming up this weekend and thought it would be a good time to write about; what’s in
my bag? I will be traveling to Albuquerque, NM this week and Farmington, NM next week for monthly matches at Zia Precision and Central NM Precision.

Equipment Set up and Choices

So what’s in my bag? I have a really modest load out as compared to some that I have seen. First off I do not carry an extra scope nor an extra trigger. I realize that one day this will come back to bite me
in a match. But what is the world without a little unexpected chaos. The backpack is an Outdoorsman Optics pack that I have owned for going on my third hunting and hiking season, which doubles as my match pack. It’s a polymer framed pack that holds a lot and has done well for me in many matches and packing out harvests.


Shooting Bags, Tripods, and Field Gear

My shooting bags consist of a Gamechanger OG and 3 bags from “the bag company
that shall not be named.” (I have them, I bought them and I have yet to afford new bags. So I deal with what I got and use them.) I carry two tripods; A Leofoto 404C outfitted with a Manfroto 100mm leveling base and an Amazon special, Neewer carbon fiber. Both tripods are equipped with ARCA Swiss mounts.

I also carry two AICS magazines without the binder plate, my file folder with environmental data from places I’ve shot, my football arm coach sleeve for holding my DOPE cards during the shoot, and basketball arm sleeves with integral elbow pads. Additionally I carry my Wheeler Fat Wrench and a Kobalt 100 piece bit tip set as well as a Leatherman multi-tool on my pack. Finally I carry knee pads, a small IFAK pack, sunscreen and a cap to keep the sun off my melon.


Spotting Scope and Bipods

As far as glass, my spotting scope is a Celestron Regal M2 80ED. While no reticle eyepieces are available, the eye pieces are easily switched out with high quality astronomy eye pieces and provide great clarity, and within my budget. I also carry a pair of Zeiss Terra ED 10x binoculars. For my ARCA rail, I carry 3 bipods. My main is a 6-9 Harris bipod with a RRS ARCA swivel adapter and
Primary Adaptive Shooting Solutions gen I feet adapters with both Atlas rubber feet and Hawk Hill

I am testing a loaner Atlas BT10 against an Accu-tac LR10 that was sent to me from Doug’s Optics and Outdoors. Since the Atlas is a loaner and the Accu-tac doesn’t come in ARCA, I had to rig up a picatinny rail on an ARCA clamp. Not ideal, but functional. I also bought an XLR ARCA barricade stop, but have yet to really use it. I rely heavily on my Gamechanger.



Electronics and Data

As far as electronics go, I carry my Kestrel 5500, Zeiss PRF laser range finder and Howard Leight ear pro. And of course my IPhone loaded with Strelock Pro and Applied Ballistics. With the ballistic computers. I have a regular notebook with a data card printed out from Ballistic XLR just in case all my electronics go dead because extra batteries just weigh too much. I also bring along my Magnetospeed Sporter just in case I fail to trust my loading and want to confirm velocity.

So I think that is about it for what’s in my bag. Other than my ammo and rifle. I’ll save the rifle for another article, but I will say it is a Remington 700 chambered in 6XC outfitted with a Huber Concepts trigger built by Peckwood Precision picked up from my friend and shooting buddy, aka firearm pimp, Leroy.


Make those hits count!!!
Luna aka Squatch.

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