Review: Ghost Inc Trigger

Randy Galvan/ May 10, 2017/ Reviews

  I have never been a fan of Glocks. For years I have shot friends Gen 2 and Gen 3 Glocks. I owned a Gen 2 Glock 17 some years ago. I have never cared for how they felt in my hand or shot. Knowing that they make a solid product I wished that they felt better but choose to

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Going blue! So you want a Dillon Press? What Press is best for you

Randy Galvan/ February 25, 2017/ The Science Behind Reloading

So you have decided that you want a Dillon press but you are not sure what press to get? Well here we are going to take a good look at each press. I have loaded hundreds of thousands of rounds commercially on every kind of Dillon machine and also use them for personal loading for everything except precision loads. So

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The Science Behind Reloading: Part 1- Introduction

Randy Galvan/ February 20, 2017/ The Science Behind Reloading

Since you are reading this page chances are, you want to shoot long range precision. So that’s what this series is going to focus on. We are going to discuss everything from your reloading bench to match quality ammunition and everything needed to accomplish it. For the purpose of this series we are going to assume that you have never

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LRS New Shooter 101 and LRS Group Directory

Kasey Chudy/ January 1, 2016/ Main Articles

Long Range Shooters 101 Introduction Welcome to the Long Range Shooters Facebook group! We welcome every shooter, from those just starting their journey into the world of long range shooting to the seasoned veterans and everyone else in between. We know if you are just starting out that you probably have a lot of questions, and as we represent a

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